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Erotic Paradise Kisses
Erotic Paradise Kisses
Erotic Paradise Kisses
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Our Massages Services

We have crafted an exclusive space devoted to pleasure and the senses, where you can indulge in the most refined tantric treatments. We pay attention to every detail to ensure you live a luxurious experience. Our team of skilled masseuses strives to make each visit unique, making you feel special from the very beginning. When you visit us, you will notice our dedication to discretion and excellence in every service we provide.

Tantric Massage: Relax Express
Relax Express Massage

This receptive tantric massage starts with gentle pressures inspired by traditional Thai massage, designed to offer a relaxing experience while working on the muscles and building trust with the masseuse. It serves as an excellent introduction to the world of tantra, allowing for a gradual and comfortable approach.

Therapeutic massage is a method of manual assessment and treatment applied to areas of the human body with ailments or susceptible to them.

Its benefits include reducing or eliminating muscle tension, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as providing relief from stress, anxiety, and tension.

60min …….. €150
90min ……. €230

Tantric Massage: Body To Body
Body To Body Massage

Discover a completely new world of sensations with this luxurious body-to-body massage, where your body is meticulously explored to elevate your sexuality to desired levels. Allow your being to merge with that of the masseuse through sensual and highly erotic movements.

We have crafted this massage by incorporating Thai massage techniques with the legs, combined with tantric postures and full-body massage. An interactive version is also available, allowing you to caress the fully nude masseuse during this dance of sensations.

This tantric massage works on the entire body using hands, forearms, chest, abdomen, legs, and buttocks to achieve intense sensations. The application of various tantric techniques, in which our masseuses are experts, will lead you to experience an erotically soothing sensation of well-being and pleasure, distancing you from everyday stress.

60min ……. €200
90min ……. €300

In Hotel

60min ……. €225
90min ……. €330

Doble Intense Moment Massage
Tantric Massage: Double Intense Moment

This tantric massage incorporates all the techniques from the intense erotic massage. It begins with an erotic shower, allowing you to caress the masseuse’s sensual body. Under the water, she will stimulate you with her touch, leading to an initial relaxation that sets the stage for a deep and pleasurable massage on the futon.

This massage is designed for those who seek a quick recovery and wish to experience two stimulations in the genital area by the hands of a masseuse. The first stimulation occurs at the beginning, during the erotic shower, and the second one at the end of the massage. You will be delighted with this unique experience!

60min ……. €250
90min ……. €370

In Hotel

60min ……. €275
90min ……. €400

Prostate Massage
Tantric Massage: Prostate

This delicate process not only alleviates inflammation and pressure on the urinary tract but also awakens profound arousal. During sexual activity, it enhances erections and relaxes the rectum, preparing you for unparalleled anal pleasure. Immerse yourself in a world of intense sensations and explore a new level of ecstasy and relaxation.

This tantric massage service is not recommended in case of anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

60min ……. €250
90min ……. €350

In Hotel

60min ……. €275
90min ……. €380

Tantric Massage: Striptease
Striptease Massage

You will be welcomed by our masseuse in seductive lingerie or a fantasy costume of your choice, accompanied by exquisite champagne. Together, you will enjoy an erotic shower, sensual dance movements, and expert guidance on the Tantra chair to explore highly erotic positions.

This is one of the most sought-after massages because it involves her being completely nude, and exotic oil will cover every inch of your body. You’ll experience sensual touches and profound sensations throughout your entire being.

The intensive body-to-body tantric massage using tantric techniques will lead you to Pure Pleasure. Allow your imagination to soar, connect with the pleasure of your energy, and come to enjoy this truly unique moment.

70min ……. €330

In Hotel

70min ……. €350

Couples massage: strengthen your intimate bond
Couples Massage: Strengthen Your Intimate Bond

We offer a special tantric massage for couples, where our masseuses will provide you with an unforgettable experience. We create an atmosphere of eroticism and sensuality, allowing you to live unforgettable moments with your partner.

We create magic between the two of you, fostering a deeper understanding and exploration of your bodies. Experience an intimate massage where you can choose the number and gender of the massage therapists to accompany you in the session.

After the massage, we allow couples to relax in private for a while. Surprise your partner with this special gift!

One Masseuse  60min ……. €250
Two Masseuses 60min ……. €350

In Hotel

One Masseuse  60min ……. €280
Two Masseuses 60min ……. €380

Nuru Massage
What does a tantric massage consist of?

Experience the sensuality of Nuru tantric massage at our exclusive spa! Immerse yourself in the unique art of this ancient Japanese technique that combines the skilled touch of our masseuses with Nuru massage gel, sliding you into a world of pleasure and relaxation.

Let your senses awaken to the gentle and slippery caress of our therapists, experts in providing an intimate touch that goes beyond the traditional. Nuru gel, derived from natural seaweed, creates an unparalleled sensation as you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

60min ……. €250
90min ……. €330

In Hotel

60min ……. €270
90min ……. €360