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What is tantra: Introduction to conscious sensuality

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Far from relating tantra to common connotations such as orgasms, sex, sexual instincts, polyamory or orgies, this fascinating term goes beyond everything: Tantra is love. And what do we mean by this? Well, it is an ancient tradition and an art that emerges between spirituality and intimate connection, through an enriching path of deep meanings.

In this regard, have we ever stopped to wonder what tantra is and how it is intertwined with tantric massages? In this article we want to emphasize the secrets and mysteries of tantra, delving into the corners of this ancient practice that causes so much intrigue. Let’s see more below.

What is tantra?

The word “tantra” comes from tan, which means “to expand” or “to free oneself” and from tra, which means “instrument.” That is, the complete term means “instrument to expand” and reach a higher level of consciousness, in order to reach enlightenment. Likewise, tantra in Sanskrit means “weaving” and is related to the idea that everything is interconnected with a sacred divine energy.

tantra and its origins

Tantra, at its core, is a philosophical system that embraces the connection between the divine and the human. However, what exactly is tantra? Well, we can say that it is a path that seeks the expansion of consciousness through the integration of the spiritual and the mundane and that, in turn, is deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions.

This holistic approach has captured the curiosity of those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their partners, because it is often associated with sexual practices. Although, as we have already mentioned, tantra is much more: it is an esoteric tradition and a philosophy of life that is linked to Vaishnavism, Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

The beginning of tantra

In tantra there is nothing that is not divine, so the universe is alive. Therefore, we can say that this spiritual philosophy affirms the body and affirms the universe, weaving everything into a feminine and masculine energy.

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Thus, the techniques used help to release consciousness by working with the body, movement, connection with others and breathing. All of this can lead us to transcendence in material existence, taking the body as a great temple and sexual energy as a divine force. In other words, in tantra all ordinary activities are celebrated until they become sacred: mundane actions are lived taking into account all the senses – including pleasure.

What are the purposes of tantra?

As we have seen, tantra has developed as a tradition to achieve liberation and expansion of consciousness. Therefore, it is a practice that goes beyond intimate encounters; It is about the integration of sexual energy with the goal of achieving a higher level of consciousness—in which mind, spirit, and body are interconnected. Thus, through rituals, meditations and specific techniques, tantra seeks to unlock the human potential to experience spirituality through pleasure.

On the other hand, one of the main objectives of tantra is to find the relevance of the spiritual in every aspect of life, in addition to awakening the internal divine energy. It is interesting how this ancient practice focuses on recognizing the individual self in connection with a cosmic self (where nature is non-dual).

How is it related to tantric massages?

The connection between tantra and tantric massages is deep and significant. Massages go beyond mere physical and bodily relaxation, exploring sexual energy and spiritual connection between the individuals who participate. All of this happens through mindfulness, conscious breathing, surrender, and touch.

The journey through this practice leads us to make our way towards relaxation through massages that involve not only meditation, but also the circulation of energy throughout our body. The sensations, emotions and pleasures felt when receiving a tantric massage make this experience really very powerful and unique; It goes beyond a simple body massage: it allows the opening of the mind, heart and spirit.

What do we learn after a tantra session?

With tantra we learn everything that is not: it is not magic, it is not sorcery, nor is it a sexual practice of power and control. In reality, we know that it is a holistic life philosophy and sacred ritual guided by the connection and integrity of a whole.

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In summary, with tantra we discover the following:

  • Tantra is love and allows us to see life as a divine manifestation.
  • Emphasizes self-awareness and spirituality.
  • Promotes alignment between spirit, body and mind.
  • It teaches us that the body is a sacred temple.
  • Tantra is not a solely sexual pursuit.
  • It helps us free our bodies and minds, letting ourselves go.
  • Tantra contributes to the divine union of oneself and one with others.
  • It focuses on other erogenous zones that remain dormant and lose sensitivity.

Finally, we have already seen what tantra is, its relationship with tantric massages, what it consists of and what we can learn from this ancient philosophy of life. And although tantra includes sexual elements or related practices, the techniques used cover much more than this single aspect.

In this way, we can see how tantra prioritizes respect, encourages deep connection, and invites us to explore a journey into the depths of our senses and emotions. In other words, tantra is a complete spiritual system to reach the unmanifested—that which we cannot yet visualize or that is beyond physical reality.

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