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What are tantric massages?

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Over the years, tantric has gained a reputation for something it is not. But then, what is it? Well, there are numerous myths and truths around tantra and tantric massages, and we will analyze them below. In this article we will learn more about this ancient practice and begin a journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

What are tantric massages?

Tantric massages, unlike conventional or purely erotic massages, focus on a healing and spiritual approach. In this sense, this therapy involves body-to-body contact, although it is much more than a simple physical experience; It is a holistic practice that involves emotional, spiritual and mental aspects.

Likewise, a tantric massage will focus on aligning our thoughts, balancing energy and connecting body, spirit and mind. All this will be accompanied by reflective breathing, harmonizing the environment and deep relaxation.

tantra is an ancient philosophy of ancestral life

Additionally, a massage of this style will involve the following aspects:

  • It allows us to remain in the here and now, concentrating on the present and on every movement and sensation that passes through our body.
  • It is good to enter a climate of relaxation, relieve stress and eliminate anxiety.
  • It contributes to the stimulation of parts of our body that are generally asleep, in addition to increasing libido and sexual desire.
  • It gives rise to energy work, experiencing transformations and experiencing greater intimacy.
  • See the body as a sacred temple that must be accepted.
  • It helps to be more aware of our body and to increase connection and trust with others.

On the other hand, tantric massages are an important element within tantra and, in turn, tantra is an ancient philosophy of ancestral life, which developed in India and survived to our times. In this way, it is not only an ancient practice and a sacred art, but it is a journey towards self-awareness, pleasure and the discovery of one’s own senses and spiritual being.

What can we expect from a tantric massage?

When receiving a tantric massage we will have to prioritize the quality and professionalism of the masseuses. For this reason, at Erotic Paradise we have a work team that will guarantee you pleasure, sensuality and security from the moment you enter until you leave, providing you with a complete luxury service.

We know that a massage of this style should never involve only the physical, so it will require conscious focus, concentration and relaxation. That is, it will be an active participation in which the client’s pleasure, enjoyment and release of emotions are prioritized. Furthermore, in our spa we have created an exclusive environment in order to provide refined and professional massage services, paying attention to each person in particular and creating a unique and unforgettable session.

Tantric massages and the exploration of sensuality

Receiving a sensual and tantric massage will allow us to open ourselves to enjoyment and pleasure, promoting exploration techniques where the bodily and spiritual connection is fundamental. Also, it will give us the possibility of feeling comfortable, exploring our desires and understanding the responses to different stimuli.

Tantric massages and the exploration of sensuality

And as if all this were not enough, a massage session will be perfect for:

  • Understand our desires related to pleasure and sexuality.
  • Understanding our sensuality and improving self-awareness.
  • Experience greater intimacy and openness.
  • Unlock sexual inhibitions and practice introspection.
  • Release negative emotions when connecting with others.
  • Release hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin: responsible for feelings of relaxation, well-being, pleasure and happiness.

The path to self-discovery

Continuing along this line, we will talk about the objective of receiving a tantric massage, which is often related to the sexual or erotic. In relation to this, we can say that the orgasm or the sexual is not the main goal (although, if it happens, it will also be wonderful). Therefore, the central axis of the massage will focus on the connection between the mind, the body and existence, and may focus on self-discovery.

Self-knowledge and self-discovery are journeys in which we can transform ourselves, delve deeper into our thoughts and begin an introspective process for our deepest desires. In addition, they imply giving importance to motivations, our dreams, emotions and obstacles from the past.

All of this will help us achieve personal growth and get closer to self-acceptance and care for our sacred temple: the body.

Tantra: The path to self-discovery

Likewise, self-discovery is based on the exploration and recognition of one’s own identity and self, seeking to eliminate the labels and expectations that society imposes on us—in order to connect with a true, authentic self.

This search to discover ourselves leads us to consider tantric as a fundamental part of our lives, observing our strengths and weaknesses, our passions and desires, and our greatest fears.

In conclusion

Through tantric massages we can achieve self-discovery of each part of our body, in addition to freeing ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. This practice is absolutely integral, since it not only gives us the possibility of exploring our sensuality and pleasure, but it takes us to levels never before reached; It gives us the opportunity to live a totally transformative experience where the body-to-body connection (at a cellular and spiritual level) will be key.

Thus, sensual therapies can help us to have a deeper understanding of our spirit, allowing us to discover a fuller life, where everything makes sense, and where everything we do will have the value of the sacred.

You should try this practice as soon as possible! At Erotic Paradise we offer you different tantric massage services in Mallorca and Madrid, so you can begin your journey of self-discovery and live one of the most authentic experiences of your life.

Whether you are looking for an erotic massage, a receptive massage, an intense double moment or a special massage for couples, in our spa we guarantee you a professional and unique service. Connect with your senses and explore your sensuality and spirit freely!

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