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History of tantric massages

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One of the main reasons why we seek to perform tantric massage sessions is to reduce anxiety, in addition to relieving overwhelming emotions and problems in relationships. In this sense, it is true that we go through various emotions throughout our lives, many of which bring us feelings of hopelessness, dissatisfaction, disconnection from the sensual, and stress. However, tantric massages came to modify what overwhelms us, because they focus on using our energy and transforming it through the body, spirit and mind.

Continuing with this line, we can affirm that this ancestral practice has endured throughout history, nourishing bodies and souls. But, what is the history of tantric massages? How and where did they emerge? Let’s discover the essence of this ancient art that gives so much to talk about.

Origin of tantric massages

The history of tantric massages dates back to ancient times, where tantra was conceived as a philosophy of life. In other words, to understand the complexity and depth of this practice, it is necessary to explore the roots and spiritual meaning that it represented throughout the centuries:

Medieval India
  • Spiritual and energetic techniques date back thousands of years, mainly to medieval India, where harmonization and alignment of body and spirit was vital.
  • The practice was not simply physical, but was a sacred ritual with a deep sense and awareness of being.
  • The rituals emphasized cleansing, connecting with the ancestral, the use of mantras and balancing the chakras.

On the other hand, and to understand the fundamental role of tantra in this history, it is essential to explore its intrinsic connection with tantric massages. Why did this philosophy become the basis for this unique form of massage? And the answer focuses on physical pleasure, since thanks to this we can achieve mental pleasure and a greater consciousness that elevates us. And although many people believe that tantric massage is only erotic and sexual, the truth is that it goes much further: establishing a deep connection with oneself and with the other, encouraging full attention and experimenting with all the senses.

Thus, it was formerly used as a form of meditation to clear the mind and relax the body, with the aim of reaching enlightenment and spiritual levels that other massages could not reach — since these techniques included the use of touch and sensuality. Over time they transcended borders, becoming modernized and present in every corner of the world.

First tantric massage techniques

Tantric massage complement

The first practices emerged with the tantrikas (tantric yogis), who believed in the celebration of the senses and that everything was interconnected with divine energy. They also used these techniques to expand consciousness, free themselves, meditate and break the division between worldly and spiritual levels. These practitioners used their power and knowledge to balance people’s lives, with the goal that they achieve harmony with the universe and wholeness.

In this way, erotic massage was performed as a sacred ritual that, over time, mutated and survived in many different forms throughout the world. Its influence and teachings have passed from generation to generation, being adopted by different cultures and religions until it became what we know today.

Tantric massages in modernity

Erotic Paradise and its tantric massages

Today, there are different styles, services and types of tantric massages, which are performed in wellness centers and spas such as Erotic Paradise, where we provide the best tantric massage services in all of Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.

Thus, the commercialization of tantric massages has become common, following the basic principles of tantra and spiritual traditions that, in turn, combine contemporary techniques.

Currently there is a wide range of body-to-body massage services, couples massages, erotic or traditional massages and innovative massages that involve a more global view — where breathing, meditation and sensuality are the premises.

On the other hand, and unlike other forms of massage, tantra-based massage prioritizes body-to-body contact, touch and the senses (and living a divinely erotic experience). Its purpose lies in seeking pleasure, unblocking sexual inhibition and bringing climax to levels never thought possible.

Other practices and purposes of tantric massage:

  • Emphasis on the massage of erogenous zones.
  • Comprehensive sexual stimulation.
  • Consideration of the body as a whole.
  • Energy distribution and emotional unblocking.
  • Exploration of sensuality with security and confidence.
  • Invitation to accept one’s own body and inhibited desires.
  • Heartfelt breathing and deep relaxation.
  • Experimentation through touch and connection.
  • Restoration of vital energy and release of tension.
  • Sexual therapy as a force for healing and transformation.

Last conclusions

The sensory experience of a tantric massage, where each touch is more than physical, will lead us to connect with our interior (and with others) in a unique way. In relation to the above, this art will go beyond the merely corporal, exploring the emotional and spiritual connection, and discovering how much can be transformed through the senses and sexual energy.

In other words, this journey through the history of tantric massages led us to explore its origins in medieval India, linking tantra with the expansion of this practice worldwide. Also, we have highlighted the key aspects of the experience and shared the spiritual roots, until reaching the great influence it has today.

So, you know, if you want to relax in the hands of experienced masseuses and live the experience of performing this ancient technique, we offer you numerous tantric massage services. Experiment with massages that go beyond the physical and reach deep levels of emotional, mental and spiritual connection.

Begin this transformative journey towards well-being and elevation of your sexuality!

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