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Differences between tantric massage and conventional massage

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Perhaps faced with the monotony, stress, anxiety and difficulties of everyday life, we are thinking about taking a break, relaxing and hiring a good decontracting massage service. However, not all types of massages are the same, since there are conventional techniques – which are good for relieving stress, tension, pain and contractures – and the differences between tantric massage are that it focuses on the erogenous zones and in the emotional and sexual energy of the client.

Now, talking about this, can it change our perception about the benefits of a massage? The answer is: Definitely yes! A different experience will go beyond the traditional, so we want to explore the differences between a conventional massage and a tantric massage, in order to immerse ourselves in this fascinating erotic and sensual world. Ready to experience a journey of relaxation and deep connection? Let’s see more below.

What makes tantric massage so special over conventional massage?

Differences between tantric massage and relaxing massage

Tantric massage, unlike traditional massage, is distinguished by its holistic approach, which goes beyond relieving physical tension or relaxing the entire body. But… why is it so different? Contrary to a traditional practice that focuses mainly on muscles and relaxing certain physical areas, tantric massage seeks something else, and that is to balance body, spirit and mind, promoting energetic harmony and emotional healing.

In this way, the purpose of tantric will be to create a greater connection and help people reach a higher level of consciousness. All this will be possible thanks to the implementation of breathing and meditation techniques, energy work and the use of touch.

In other words, a conventional massage routine can help relax muscles, eliminate contractures, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, improve posture and circulation, and promote a climate of absolute tranquility. However, and as we mentioned previously, a massage focused on tantric will go far beyond the physical, since it also stimulates the spiritual and sensual. And as if all this were not enough, these techniques will contribute to the reduction of stress, the refocusing of the mind, the increase in libido and sexual desire—well, it stimulates erogenous zones of the body and helps with unblocking the energy.

Therefore, by performing erotic massages we will be ready to eliminate any type of inhibition, lack of desire, or the little connection we have with our partner.

So, is it better to choose a tantric massage instead of a conventional one? The answer will depend on what we are looking for at that moment, although we recommend living the unique tantric and erotic experience. The interesting thing about this practice lies in the depth of the experience, since it goes beyond everything: unlocking repressed energies and providing a feeling of integral renewal.

Likewise, while a normal massage can relax us physically and relieve us mentally – due to the reduction of pain or stress –, a tantric massage will give us pleasure, improve our sexual life and relationship, and give us greater security and confidence when it comes to sex. bond us and, also, will allow us to connect from a much more intimate place.

In summary, these are the ways in which a massage session can help us:

  • Increases body acceptance.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Improves sexual life and deepens intimacy.
  • Increases happiness, pleasure and the release of endorphins.
  • It allows a greater connection between two people, focusing on the transcendental and emotional.
  • It focuses on the visualization of details and concentration on our interior.
  • Increases knowledge of sexuality, energy and spirituality.
  • It leads to more meaningful and lasting relationships.

When is the right time to consider a tantric massage?

Differences between tantric massage and couples massage

For those who seek to live an experience beyond the ordinary and wish to explore the connection between the body, the emotional and the energy, this type of massage is perfect. Furthermore, when contracting the service, there will be different durations – although most sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes -, allowing complete immersion in this journey of well-being, sensuality and pleasure.

Thus, the best time is whenever we want to explore our sexuality from different places, understand each other better with our partner, or enjoy a different moment that makes us relive the flame of love. Many times routine, the number of years in the same relationship and daily stress cause the couple’s connection to fade, so letting yourself be carried away by the impulse of the new will be very favorable.

Daring to surprise our partner with a massage session is an excellent opportunity to renew the connection, be self-aware and innovate.

Concluding the differences between tantric massage and conventional massage

In summary, the choice between a conventional massage and a tantric massage will depend on our personal search or our instinct to achieve comprehensive well-being. In this way, a tantric massage will invite us to explore the deepest dimensions of our being and gain greater trust, security and intimacy with our partner. At the same time, it will give us the opportunity to disconnect in a comfortable place, with adequate lighting and a perfect atmosphere.

Likewise, enjoying such a powerful and transcendental experience will help us stay in the present, to feel every movement and emotion, and not to be distracted or think about other things that take us off axis.

Finally, it is completely worth seeking the balance between body and mind, in addition to letting yourself go completely, enjoying a sensual massage in which we can open ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally. Take advantage of the moment to live and feel with your body, and not with your head!

And so far we have learned about the differences between a conventional massage and a tantric massage. What are you waiting for to enjoy our services, explore all the alternatives we have to offer and find the perfect balance through a tantric massage in Mallorca? Experience new forms of connection and well-being. Without a doubt, it will be a transformative and incomparable experience.

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